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Vocational Testing

Speaker: Rick Capella

Director of HR, LMU





- Made up of skills that you perform in a specific job

- All questions asked in a psychology test must be validated to show if that  

   person fits the job description





-        Interviewer looks at what you have done and what you will do in the first 30 seconds of an interview.  He or She then decides if they want to continue talking to you. 

-        Behavioral questions asked

Ex) For a company like ATT:  “Tell me about a time when someone called you up and started cursing at you…”



-        Strengths?

-        Achievements?

-        What aspects of your last job were most crucial?

-        How did you progress in your last job?




-        People

-        Data, #s

-        Things

-        Ideas


-        Tends to be unstructured because if someone says something and you want to dig into that you can

-        You try and divulge information that people wouldn’t normally tell you.  Try and find out what is wrong with that person.  What aren’t they showing the interviewer?

-        Only objective questions asked


-        In four seconds Rick can tell if he wants to interview someone

-        Looks at past experience- Experience Most Important!!!

-        Experience: put in a lot of work before you get out of an internship or job- gives you things to talk about

-        Know where you want to go and build it


-        Deals with people and ideas

-        Works on maximizing a company’s return

-        Finds out what makes people tick


-        Have something to talk about!

-        At least have knowledge of what you are trying to be hired for

-        Have internship or volunteer work