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Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Guest Speaker: Jonathan O’Brien 


Industrial Psychology - Industrial psychology is concerned with people at work. It is also called personnel psychology. *Evaluating Job Performance


Organizational Psychology - Organizational psychologists generally seek to understand how workers function in an organization, and how the organization functions in. society. *Evaluating Job Satisfaction  

Commonly used selection tools include interviews, letters of reference, work samples, and tests of aptitudes, abilities, knowledge, interests, and personality. (Website) 

Jonathan O’Brien is a Career Counselor in Career Development Services at LMU He Administers Vocational Tests and Interprets the Scores for the Students 

Jonathan Does Not Believe it is Necessary to Give Tests to Employ People           Psychological Employment Tests are Only Legal if the Job Proves Adequate Reason for Needing Psychological Data 

Jonathan Administers Tests Such as the Myers-Briggs and the SII                   Although He Feels These Tests are Valid He Also Thinks Interpretation Should be Taken Lightly, as Not all Results Will Include a Career That is Best for Each Student 

In Regard To Gender Differences in the Work Place, Males Tend to be More Orientated Towards Jobs Requiring Instrumental Skills, Such as: Computer Technology, Mechanics, and Science

If a Male Scores High on Supposed Female Job Attributes, such as a Florist, Librarian, it Can be Psychologically Damaging To That Male Because Society Does Dictate Which Careers Are Male and Which Career Are Female

Not Matching Societal Norms Could Pose Stress for Job Candidates