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Guest Speaker Topic: Clinical Psychological Assessment

Guest Speaker: Alexander Sage

Date: November 12, 2003

The speaker's name is Dr. Alexander Sage (he is Dr. Sage's husband). The guest speaker is a school psychologist that works for the LA Unified School District. He works at Daniel Webster Middle School and also has his own practice as a Clinical Psychologist. One part of his job deals with testing students, which involves clinical testing.Although, this part of testing children accounts for only 30% of what he does as a counselor.The other 70% of his job is dedicated to counseling children.He looks at studentís I.Q., processing, visual, auditory, and sensory skills.The guest speaker also mentioned that his job is to look at and evaluate the emotional status of the child.His job is to detect student emotional disturbances that would or could affect school performance.

The speaker mentioned the tests he administers to the children.The tests include: Cognitive Assessment System-Record CAS (which is used to determine I.Q.), Matrix Analogies Test MAT, ADHD test (Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder), BASC Parent Rating Scale (Behavior Assessment System for Children), BASC Teacher Rating Scale, BASC Self Report, and Devereaux.After administering one or more of these tests, he determines whether the child may need any special services.The tests are good indicators of any form of disability or disabilities within the childís learning process, etc.The speaker also revealed how certain parents sometimes exaggerate their childís complication in order to obtain federal assistance.Therefore, his job is to determine whether a child sincerely qualifies for assistance because of an inability or impairment to learn.