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Psychology 542:  Introduction to Psychological Testing

Dr. Mills


Upload your panel's paper (as an .htm file)  and Powerpoint presentations (as a .ppt file) here, and create a listing and active link to the paper below (under the appropriate section of the class).

Format the research article summary paper and Powerpoint listing as per the following example:

Summary and Powerpoint Presentation of Holland, J.L., Johnston, J.A., Asama, N.F., Polys, S.M. (1993). Validating and using the career beliefs inventory. Journal of Career Development, 9(4). Review by Alexandra Alonzo, Melissa Masoni, Evangelina Orozco, and Jennifer Phinney. Fall, 2002.

Format the guest speaker summary paper:

Summary of guest speaker, John Smith's, presentation regarding using tests in clinical settings.  Presentation given on 11/3/04. Panel members:  John Doe, Jane Doe, Terry Smith.  Fall, 2002.



Panel summaries: guest speakers and research article summaries.


Tuesday - Thursday class section:

Article Summary and PowerPoint Presentation of Tracey, T., & Darcy, M. (2002). An idiothetic examination of vocational interests and their relation to career decidedness. Journal of Counseling Psychology, 49(4). Gina Jenkins,Heather Unger, Devyn Bolden, and Maggie McCartney. Fall, 2003.



Wednesday class section:

Summary and Powerpoint Presentation of Smith, D., & Dumont F. (1995).  A cautionary study: Unwarranted interpretations of the draw-a-person test.  Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 23, 298-303. Review by Katie Champagne, Olivia Flach, Vanessa Flores, and Lauren Hood. Fall, 2003.


Summary and Powerpoint Presentation of Miller, Mark J. (1994). An assessment of the effect of vocational exploration on career decision making.  Journal of Employment Counseling, 31, 137-143.  Reviewed by Margaux Elliott, Mariesa Duggan, and Palmer Thornton. Fall, 2003


PowerPoint Presentation of Debate: Affirmative Action. Pro-debaters: Audra Tindall, and Tiana Newsome. Con-debaters: Aylin Atabek and Elissa Vaidman. Fall 2003